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light nightclub

Las Vegas, Nevada

LIGHT nightclub merges cutting-edge creativity with incredible music, to produce a new kind of nightlife experience.
Upon arriving at LIGHT, guests enter the realm of the unknown, as everyone in the club is part of the show. Headlining DJs and performers lead the charge, coupled with exclusively built performance elements and visuals provided by revolutionary video mapping, lighting, sound and special effects experts Moment Factory.

The LIGHT nightclub project was a prime example of our comprehensive creative services. We were involved in the project from its inception in 2013 and were tasked with creating a unique brand identity that would set it apart from other nightclubs. Our team focused on the central theme of light and interactive experiences, which we used to drive the visual elements of the club, including branding, marketing materials, website design, and corporate identity. The result was a cutting-edge approach that perfectly captured the essence of the LIGHT nightclub.

Branding | Graphic Design | Web